I'm a New Zealand photographer that picked up my first camera at 19 (which was a wee while ago) and now have over 10 years experience in creating Beautiful, Glamorous Portraiture for Women.
Based in Matamata midway between Tauranga and Hamilton at the foot of the beautiful Kaimai Ranges, we're passionate and enthusiastic about what we do and it's very important to us that we collaborate with you on getting the look, feel and outcome you want and that you will love.
Deb is the set boss; passionate about ensuring you get the style, look and feel you want in your images. 
We are both experienced photo re-touchers, and as biased as it may seem, Deb is one of the best.
Whatever style you want, let us put you at ease and have fun while capturing beautiful professional photos that will make you feel beautiful; get in touch, lets create some magic.
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